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Network and IT Solution Design

IT networks must be capable of meeting current data demands whilst scalable enough to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Bluestone Technology Solutions provides the expertise you need to design and roll out new networks that can be expanded to meet future business growth and requirements.

We assess, design, deliver and manage IT networks so you can operate seamlessly across all your locations, regardless of distance. Our network solution designs can give you the ability to meet current data demands whilst being scalable enough to meet future opportunities and new markets.

Our Security Solutions defend against malicious threats and keep your information safe.

Fibre Solutions

FTTX Solutions

Fibre optic network is globally acknowledged as the ultimate solution for future broadband networks, awarded with the name of “Next Generation Network”. It is capable of providing unlimited bandwidth access and enables simultaneous delivery of multiple services.

Bluestone Technology Solutions has always offered solutions embedded with state-of-the-art technology to accurately meet the needs of our customers, providing reliable, cost-effective and future proof FTTX Solutions.

DWDM Distance Extension Solutions

While standard transceivers offer the perfect fit for data handling and transfer within the data centre or over shorter distances, problems arise when traffic needs to be transported over long distances(Up to 300Km without repeaters). Similar challenges emerge when more than one single channel is required or when multiple traffic types need to be connected over the same dark fibre link. Our DWDM Distance Extension Solution can overcome these challenges.


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Bluestone Technology Solutions has worked with 100+ clients across Australia and the South Pacific to provide IT services and solutions including design, security, troubleshooting, installation, configuration, testing upgrading and maintenance of network systems, as well as providing comprehensive IT technical support to large organisations.

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